Our green evaluations provide a relative ranking of debt instruments based on our forward-looking opinion on their ability to deliver environmental benefits via their financing or refinancing of specific assets. Green evaluation is a tool for issuers, investors and other market participants to decide whether a debt instrument’s green attributes are consistent with their internal environmental objectives. Our green evaluation framework is structured with reference to the Green Bond Principles.

The product of our green evaluation is a score out of five that corresponds to one of five categories ranging from Green Evaluation is not a credit rating. Green Evaluation does not in any way assess an issuer’s ability and willingness to fulfil its financial obligations on time and in full. Green Evaluation also does not account for a debt instrument’s recovery prospects in the event of default.

Green Category, which is the output of the Green Evaluation, will be on a scale of 5 levels from ‘very strong’ to ‘very weak’.  Our green evaluations may be performed either pre- or post-issuance.


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