Announcement: Pengyuan International is awarded the “Public Finance Rating Agency of The Year (2021) - China” by the Asset

04 Mar 2022

Hong Kong. 4 March 2022. Pengyuan International is pleased to announced that we have been awarded with the “Public Finance Rating Agency of The Year (2021) - China” at the Triple A Rating Agency of the Year Awards” is hosted by The Asset, a globally renowned financial publication and media. 

The Awards highlighted the strength of credit rating agencies operating in the region in providing both investors and issuers with fundamental parameters regarding the creditworthiness of corporates, financial institutions and sovereigns. With close to 20 years of experience conducting awards programs, The Asset has built upon a stringent methodology that is combined with a rigorous approach in selecting the best institutions and individuals operating in Asia. 

Based on a set of well-rounded global rating methodology and a proprietary economic and fiscal database, Pengyuan International has a profound and extensive practice in the public finance space of the capital market. On unsolicited basis, Pengyuan has published 23 credit ratings of global scale on Chinese provincial local governments, as well as multiple offshore RMB-denominated bonds they issued. Furthermore, Pengyuan has completed over a thousand internal credit estimates on Chinese local government of various levels. It is these continuous analytical efforts made possible for Pengyuan international to play a unique and value-adding role in global capital market, especially in the Chinese government credits and government-related entities space. 

As of today, over 100 rating actions have been performed by Pengyuan International, including but not limited to sovereign, local governments, banks, non-bank financial institutions, local government financial vehicles (LGFV), corporates, real-estate enterprises, airlines etc. In addition, more than 6000 international market participants from all around the world have subscribed to our analytical works. Pengyuan International also has an experienced analytical team, the core international analytical executives have more than 15 years of market experience in Asia and North America, including investment banking, rating agencies, bond investors and academia.

Pengyuan International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSCI Pengyuan Ratings, one of the first China-based credit rating agencies. Up to 2021, CSCI Pengyuan has provided credit rating services to over 3,000 issuers, as well as 3,876 bonds (including asset-backed securities) with total balance of 4.05 trillion RMB. 

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