Announcement: Pengyuan International Wins the “Outstanding Chinese Credit Rating Agency of the Year 2019” & “Credit Rating Agency of the Year 2019 – LGFV” Awards

03 Apr 2020

Hong Kong. 3 April 2020. Pengyuan International is pleased to announced that we have been awarded with the Outstanding Chinese Credit Rating Agency of the Year 2019 & Credit Rating Agency of the Year 2019 – LGFVat “2019 The Best Deals and Outstanding Organizations of the Chinese USD Bond Market”, which is hosted by Wall Street Trader. This is the second year that Pengyuan has won key awards from Wall Street Trader. Over 1,500 market participants and 450 institutional investors participated in the voting this year. Wall Street Trader is a China-based leading global fixed income market solution provider. Through its web and mobile platforms, Wall Street Trader provides extensive bond capital market intelligence to a wide range of market participants in the Greater China region. also grateful for the support from our clients as well as investors.


“Pengyuan International is truly grateful for the support from our clients as well as investors. We are thankful to be recognized by market participants for its efforts in providing global credit rating services in the offshore space with the highest international standard in the last couple of years,” said Jonathan Hu, CEO of Pengyuan International, “We are pleased to receive these awards and even more dedicated to making our voice heard. Thank you for everyone support us and voted for Pengyuan International.”


Pengyuan International provides international ratings for global capital markets in Hong Kong. As of today, nearly 100 rating actions have been performed, involving 42 Chinese credits across sectors of sovereign, local governments, banks, non-bank financial institutions, LGFV, corporates, real-estate enterprises, airlines etc. in order to build comparable high-quality international ratings. In addition, more than 3,500 international market participants have subscribed to our original international credit research. Pengyuan International has an experienced analytical team, the core international analytical executives have more than 15 years of market experience in Pan-Asia and North America, involving investment banking, rating agencies, bond investors and academia field.


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