Credit Ratings-Global Scale

Pengyuan International’s global scale credit ratings are forward-looking analytical opinions regarding the creditworthiness of issuers or financial obligations, which benchmark credits globally over time, across regions, and across asset classes.
Credit ratings can be either long-term or short-term. Long-term credit ratings are assigned to issuers or financial obligations with a maturity of one year or more. Short-term credit ratings generally relate to obligations deemed short-term in nature, usually with an original maturity of no more than 365 days.
Issuer credit ratings are opinions about an obligor’s overall creditworthiness, which focus on the obligor’s willingness and capacity to fulfill its financial obligations on a timely basis.
Issuance credit ratings are opinions about the creditworthiness of a specific financial obligation, a class of obligations, or a financial program such as medium-term note or commercial paper programs. The issuance credit ratings will also reflect the creditworthiness of credit enhancements on the obligation such as guarantees, insurance, and/or other forms of enhancement features if any.
For more details about our rating scales and symbols, please refer to our latest version of “Rating Symbols and Definitions”, which can be assessed by visiting Rating Methodologies section of this website. To inquire about our credit rating services, please contact
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